Because Every Child Can Be A Great Writer!San Diego Scribblers Online Courses...Because Every Child can be a Great Writer!


 San Diego Scribblers Online Courses are for students in grades 3 through 12 who have an interest in creative writing, journalism or who would like to improve their general writing skills.

  • Welcome to our Online Classes!

    Each San Diego Scribblers online course has been carefully designed to teach the theory and techniques of writing while allowing for individual practice and personalized feedback and attention from the instructor.

    Each weekly lesson has several components:

    1. Journal Entry: The instructor provides a topic and the student will write their entry in paragraph form for 8-10 uninterrupted minutes. The instructor will give writing style feedback and recommendations based on the individual student work. Individual goals for improvement will be set. 

    2. Quiz: Each week, students will take a 10 question quiz on the material presented the previous week. This will help to ensure retention of information and encourage students to read carefully and ask questions before moving forward.  

    3. Lesson 1: This will be the main bulk of the lesson where concepts are taught along with examples and intermittent tests of understanding. A short exercise will follow. 

    4. Lesson 2: This section will include the reading of a classic piece of writing in the appropriate genre of the class.  Students will learn a great deal from seeing how notable authors have put the previous lesson into practice. There will be a quiz for understanding after the reading. 

    5. Assignment: There will be a main assignment for the week based on Lesson 1 which should be submitted prior to the next week's class. 

    6. Forum: A question for further thought or interpretation will be asked of all the students. Each student is asked to share his/ her thoughts with the rest of the participants so that we can learn from one another. 

    *Each course has a full glossary of terms for students to refer to during the course of study.

    **There is a space for questions within the weekly course. Students may post their questions and have them answered quickly by the instructor.

    Although this is a fully online course, students will have regular interaction with the instructor. All assignments (big and small) will be read by the instructor and feedback left.

    Each new week's class will be posted on Wednesday and assignments will be due by Tuesday of the following week. Each class is designed to take approximately 2 hours to complete. Because students will all work at heir own pace, some will take longer to finish. This is okay! After all, you can't put a time limit on good writing!

    You will note that each course has a grade level range attached to it as a guide. These guidelines assume a moderate level of keyboarding skills. Students with only beginner keyboarding skills may need some parental involvement. 

  • Begin your Writing Adventure!

    To begin a class with San Diego Scribblers Online, simply register on our website - Once registered, a student login will be provided. Access to your course will begin on the first day of class and end on the last. 

    Questions? Need help deciding which class is the right fit? Just email the instructor at!

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